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  1. Teach once and earn forever
  2. Enhance your teaching using Animation
  3. Reach students worldwide
  4. Sell it on platforms like Udemy,Teachable and Unacademy etc.

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Present yourself to the ocean of your students without any technical difficulties of website building and maintainance. Just get your content ready and make a boost in the market with free platform from us . Concentrate on your sales and leave rest on us.

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If you have a rough story board or you need narration script you got our back, also for the editing & final formulation of the video. This inculdes Audio and video changes to be scripted down along with the material of voiceover.

Concept Visualisation

Concept Visualisation

Our creative team can add life to your video by inclusion of appropriate diagrams , movements, stories etc to formulate a concept that directly strikes the mind of the students. The visualisation is approved by the teacher which is then animated to shapeup the final video.



Voiceover plays a major role in delivering the right content with correct amount of voice modulation to increase the retention levels of the students. A talented voiceover artist can inspire the student to listen to him by just enjoying them and not being bored anyhow.

video shoot

Video Shoot-complete hardware and software setup support

No need to tangle into bunch of wires and techy stuff. If you are not tech savy no need to worry. We will help you Just get the complete hardware and software setup for a tassle free recording with an user friendly interface for exporting the best quality videos.

 teacher training

Teacher Training for various modules

Preparing the teacher for modules like studio recordings, Notes formulisation, Final reviewing etc for an effective output with minimum amount of errors at any stage of development. Repeated sampling is done so that the teacher feels confident enough with his/her comand over various stages.

exam software

Examination Software

No need to sitback the whole day for checking the answer sheets of your students. Get an online software with Auto grading system with results in a minute, multi-lingual, various types of questions can be added etc. Let the student enjoy along with analysing his performance.

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Facts Research provides about Animated courses ?

  1. visuals information is consumed approximately 60,000 times faster than text.
  2. Retention Power is increased by 40%
  3. Online courses have grown by 210% in past 3 Years, Sp the market is Big.
  4. Teachers can earn upto 20 times through Online Unique content as compared to Physical Teaching.
  5. Students can Complete the syllabus in 1/3 time they spent in Physical classes.

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